Parent Company

Since 1955, YTL has been in the business of nation-building, starting with schools, hospitals and roads for our young nation. Today, as an integrated infrastructure developer, our core businesses comprise utilities, construction contracting, cement manufacturing, property development and investment, hotel development and management, e-commerce initiatives and internet-based education solutions and services.

Through these businesses, we supply electricity, water, sewerage and environmental services, provide technology, build homes and operate award-winning hotels and resorts. From infrastructure and utilities, to education and hospitality, YTL is integrated into the daily lives of people around the world. Beyond that, we also look to empower and equip nations to build a better future for all.

YTL is committed to building value that is not simply lasting, but worthy of lasting through our philosophy of Building The Right Thing, and our core values of hard work, honesty, moral responsibility, togetherness and vitality. This corporate philosophy has enabled the YTL Group to build a growing customer base of more than 12 million customers across 3 continents over the last 60 years.

With six listed companies in the group and a combined market capitalisation of approximately RM 30.4 billion (US$7.44 billion) as at 30 June 2016, YTL is globally recognised as one of Malaysia's best managed conglomerates.

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