The Capers

Reaching boldly towards the sky, The Capers’s twin faceted 36-storey towers and two low-rise blocks featuring design accents such as unique rooftop gardens, sky terraces, pavilions and outdoor daybeds, single-handedly put Sentul East on the design map with its unique formation and striking outline. Accessibility is made effortless with two train lines and three stations a short walk away. When dusk falls, retreat to the sanctuary of your home or perhaps linger awhile at the rooftop gardens and sky terraces. 

The Fennel

Cutting a distinctive shape through the Kuala Lumpur city skyline, The Fennel is characterised by a unique asymmetric design and full facades of gleaming glass. Designed by the well-known Singaporean firm of RT+Q Architects, The Fennel has already attracted much interest from the design cognoscenti for its unique tilting structure – a beacon of style perfectly capturing the spirit of a city in flux. The Fennel is located but a heartbeat away from the vibrant pulse of central Kuala Lumpur, with easy access to the city’s major highways, two train lines and three train stations just an easy walk away. 

Sentul Depot

Sentul Depot located at Sentul West, Kuala Lumpur was once the largest complex of railway workshops in Malaysia with a history dating back to 1905. Plans are in the pipeline to preserve this historical colonial brickwork complex with a long-term restoration and reuse plan, ultimately to transform Sentul Depot into a must-visit lifestyle destination of Kuala Lumpur, and revitalise the aging railway town as the destination of choice to live, work and play.

Sentul Depot is a continuation of YTL Land’s reuse and rejuvenation efforts in Sentul West since the early 2000s. The first was the transformation of a former 9-hole golf course into Sentul Park, hence the conservation of a rare green lung in Kuala Lumpur city. This was followed by the restoration of a century-old inoperative railway workshop nearby Sentul Park to become The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) in 2005, to support, cultivate and sustain the local arts community. Ultimately, the plan for Sentul Depot is to seamlessly link the depot with KLPAC and Sentul Park as one integrated lifestyle destination to serve the immediate vicinity of Sentul and the whole Kuala Lumpur city at large.

Sentul Works

In the early 2000s, the YTL Group developed a master plan for the redevelopment of Sentul, once the hotbed of railway activity in the country, to be gradually transformed into an extensive commercial complex for the next generation – featuring respectful coexistence of smart-size workplaces, business hubs, coworking spaces, event galleries and more, complemented by vibrant hospitality outlets. Employing the philosophy of responsible urban revitalisation and regeneration, YTL Construction undertook the design, building and construction of a number of iconic residential, commercial and public spaces, all of which have contributed to renewed interest in this city centre address.

Sentul Works will potentially accommodate businesses seeking a major presence in a contemporary, unique environment that is responsive to a new workforce focused on flexibility, creativity, technology and collaboration. This is a game-changer and an exciting transformation is taking place soon. 


Challenging the norms of stereotypical office spaces, d5 in Kuala Lumpur’s Sentul East commercial precinct is a unique working platform upon which the worlds of creativity, art, design and aesthetic consciousness all come together stylishly while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of commercial and retail architecture. Conceptualised by Riken Yamamoto of Japan, the development is punctuated by six pod-like structures cleverly wrapped in perforated screens and linked by sky bridges. Beautiful rooftop gardens and decks also work to bring you that little bit closer to the heavens. Just as nature nurtures life, so does it too for work and inspiration.


Design is undoubtedly the driving force behind Sentul East’s attention-arresting d2. Clad in corten steel, the unique facade of this urban office space jostles for attention as its modernist lines and powerful structure make it a standout in heritage and culture-rich Sentul. Individual blocks are linked by terraces, courtyards and feature staircases, all of which are testament to IROJE Architects and Planners’s Korean brand of creativity. Although industrial in look and feel, there is also room for the healing and inspiring touch of nature, with ample spaces in which to breathe freely as well as restful nooks, thoughtfully placed by tranquil water features. With a patina that changes over time and a finish that design analysts dub as ‘distressed’, you will find yourself feeling anything but, when ensconced in d2’s uniquely creative embrace.

Midfields Square

Vibrant, cosmopolitan and dynamic, the central enclave of Midfields in Kuala Lumpur’s Sungai Besi is a collection of well-designed residences and commercial units captured within the Midfields condominiums as well as Midfields Square. Spread out over 23 acres, Midfields is, as its name suggests, a veritable centre of attraction, offering residents from the nearby neighbourhood as well as purveyors a hub in which to enjoy all the pleasures of urban living. Its unrivalled location, with four major highways and the convenience of various efficient and well-connected modes of public transport, Midfields ensures you have the perfect space for rest as well as recreation in an upbeat residential and business precinct.


Game-changing barely begins to describe the impact d6 has had on the commercial landscape in Kuala Lumpur. Set on prime land in the heart of Sentul East’s commercial precinct, the 93 units of offices in d6 afford tenants a clean slate on which to craft spaces that will fire up creativity, ideas and talent. The facade treatment with a double-layered skin of glass and wire mesh provides the building with a variety of exterior character. Linking itself to The Capers condominium and d7 development via sky bridges, tenants may choose from several workspace options – be it duplex sky offices with stunning glass skylights and internal courtyards, garden offices with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto garden terraces, or bijou office suites that are as spacious as they are functional.

The Trillium

Ensconced within the vibrant Lake Fields community is The Trillium, a bustling business precinct that has redefined the retail and commercial landscape of Sungai Besi, just the shortest of drives from downtown Kuala Lumpur. Consisting of 3-storey intermediate and 5-storey corner shop offices, The Trillium enjoys all the advantages a prime location offers, including easy accessibility to the main nuclei of the Klang Valley like Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur’s CBD and two major international airports. For commuters, The Trillium is also just one stop away from the state-of-the-art integrated South-Bandar Tasik Selatan Transport Terminal whereby the Express Rail Link (ERL), the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) as well as an interstate bus network helps you connect seamlessly to wherever you wish to be.


Subtle and inviting, d7 in Sentul East has long been the jealously guarded secret of those who love to work and dine in inspiring surroundings, but change has slowly but surely been taking place. Hipster cafes draw in steady streams of urbanites needing caffeine shots, while in the seven levels above, almost hidden behind vertical curtains of landscaped greenery, ideas and creative energy are constantly simmering. d7’s unique low-rise space is spread out between retail units and boutique offices as well as duplex sky offices – artfully crafted spaces in which to spend your waking hours, while an open-air courtyard atrium complete with lush greenery beckons invitingly the minute the workday is done.

U-Thant Place

Set along the celebrated avenue that is Kuala Lumpur’s Embassy Row, U-Thant Place is an exceedingly low-density but upscale development that stands out, even in a neighbourhood renowned for its exclusivity. Life at U-Thant Place is akin to living in a private haven, a sanctuary in a bustling Asian metropolis. Recalling the elegance of bygone days, shaded by age-old rain trees, U-Thant Place is also just steps away from the emerald greens of the colonial Royal Selangor Golf Club. Designed to evoke genteel grace, you will find it perfectly in tune with the rhythm of life in Malaysia’s pulsating heart. 

Midfields 2

Midfields 2, the successor to the hugely successful Midfields 1 in Kuala Lumpur’s Sungai Besi district, is all about anticipating the needs and demands of an increasingly savvy yet youthful market. Comprising practical and functional condominium units, the surrounding environment of Midfields 2 is also designed to be a sanctuary for the senses despite its proximity to the big city.

A large emphasis has been placed on creating cocoons of nature and greenery, with almost 40% of the development allocated for lush parks and rooftop gardens to ensure nature and nurture form the linchpins of life in Midfields 2. The good life has never proven so attainable.


Dahlia is a collection of contemporary double-storey link homes in Ipoh, a vibrant township that is a two-hour drive from the north of Kuala Lumpur. Designed along clean, well-thought-out lines with generous allocation of space, these structured, well-built terrace homes are designed with room for growth, making it ideal for young couples and growing families. Offering all the key essentials any modern home needs, practicality has never looked so pretty, framed against the backdrop of Ipoh’s famous limestone hills. 

Activities > Residential & Commercial > 3 Orchard-by-the-Park

3 Orchard-by-the-Park

3 Orchard by-the-Park is situated along Orchard Boulevard in Singapore, one of the world’s most coveted and prestigious pieces of real estate. Comprising just 77 exclusive units, housed across three 25-storey towers, the development was conceptualised on Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio’s vision of “villas in the sky”. His signature brilliance in the use of natural light and space will help you sculpt your living space in Southeast Asia’s most vibrant city with ease.

Its central location also means that the sights, sounds and sensations of Singapore are practically on your designer doorstep. The Orchard Boulevard MRT station, just adjacent to the development, makes connecting to other parts of the island even more effortless. Park life has never sounded more perfect. 


Set amidst the serenity of Lake Fields in Sungai Besi, Reed is all about gracious living on a grand scale. Gated and guarded, this enchanting enclave of 3-storey expansive homes is certain to delight every day of your life. Architecturally crafted, with lush open-living layouts and a dramatic use of glass, life is played out beautifully in this theatre dedicated to the art of life. If you feel the need to step out and be near the restorative properties of water, a mere stroll brings you to a tranquil lakefront promenade. At the heart of Reed is also a thriving central park where meandering footpaths, green pavilions and playgrounds find their niche amidst a backdrop of dramatic greenery.


Capturing the essence of lakeside living at its best, the 3-storey semi-detached homes at Grove remain the only gated and guarded pool residences in Sungai Besi’s Lake Fields. Be it under a canopy of trees or blissful views overlooking the water promenade, living is expansive and luxurious here, where just 98 homes are intrinsically connected via a tapestry of green streets and articulated spaces that allow you to commune blissfully. Each home comes with a private pool, adding extra lustre to semi-detached living. There is also a meditation terrace, lushly landscaped parks where children may play with abandon as well as community lawns that allow you the joy of socialising freely in beautiful, verdant spaces.


Dale offers urban denizens an unusually large, built-up space in its 3-storey, 5-bedroom homes. Residents can enjoy full flexibility in shaping their homes to their hearts’ content, while providing enough room to accommodate evergrowing as well as extended families. What also sets Dale apart is its double-volume ceiling in the living area and a spacious master bedroom complete with en-suite study. Families can spread out amidst the healing green canvas of landscaped parks interspersed by thoughtful pathways and lanes where the simple pleasures of a breezy walk becomes a true, soul-enriching joy.


Vibrant, cosmopolitan and dynamic, the central enclave of Midfields in Kuala Lumpur’s Sungai Besi is a collection of well-designed residences and commercial units captured within the Midfields condominiums as well as Midfields Square. Its unrivalled location, with four major highways and the convenience of various efficient and well-connected modes of public transport, Midfields ensures you have the perfect space for rest as well as recreation in an upbeat residential and business precinct.


The name Kasara, derived from the Sanskrit kassraah, meaning ‘lake’, naturally conjures up images of tranquility and restfulness. Evoking Asian luxury living at its finest, each of the 13 exclusive villas is a glowing testimony to the continent’s architectural principles, allowing light and air to permeate the expansive space with double-storey screens for privacy and sun shading. The living spaces are gently punctuated by delightful open courtyards and koi ponds, as well as pools and timber decks cantilevered over the lake. While the serenity of the location might have you thinking you are in a far-flung oasis, it’s equally reassuring to remember that the main pulse of Singapore beats just a short distance away.

Activities > Residential & Commercial > Centrio, Pantai Hillpark

Centrio, Pantai Hillpark

Embodying the essence of urban life and eclecticism at its best, Centrio at Pantai Hillpark is where work, life and play all collide, and to great effect. Encompassing mainly SOHO (small office/home office) suites as well as retail stores and boutique offices, Centrio allows you to blur the lines between 9 to 5, morning to night and boardroom to bedroom. No two units are alike, allowing full individuality to shine through by way of unique architectural elements such as skylights, rooftop gardens, double-volume high ceilings, private gardens and courtyards. Surrounded by such elements, it’s clear to see why inspiration comes easy here. An added bonus is that the downtown allure of Kuala Lumpur and suburban buzz of Petaling Jaya are but mere minutes away. 

Sandy Island

An exclusive collection of just 18 perfectly formed waterfront villas, Sandy Island in Singapore’s luxurious Sentosa Cove is hailed as a masterpiece by Claudio Silvestrin, the famed award-winning Italian architect. Sandy Island also heralds Silvestrin’s first residential design project in Asia, which has already won numerous awards, including the prestigious Prix d’Excellence Gold Award for Best Housing (Low-Rise) worldwide in 2013.

Fully clad in stone and timber and discreetly ensconced amidst lush tropical greenery, the generous proportions of each villa – with facades towering 10 metres, double-volume living spaces, and private sculpted gardens by famous Australian landscape designer Jamie Durie – allows you to find tranquility with ease.

The Shorefront

Imagine all the pleasures Penang, the unrivalled Pearl of the Orient, can afford coupled with the ocean breeze, water views and inspired low-rise, low-density homes set right on the water’s edge. The Shorefront is a luxury development limited to only 115 exclusive units spread out over five levels, complete with a private lift lobby for every two units. Being one of the most enigmatic developments set right within the cultural heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is George Town, The Shorefront also marks the YTL Group’s first foray into the northern state of Penang.

Activities > Residential & Commercial > Lot 10 Shopping Centre 

Lot 10 Shopping Centre

Located within the heart of the popular Bukit Bintang shopping precinct in Kuala Lumpur, the Lot 10 property is positioned to appeal to young urbanites. Lot 10 is home to the first H&M store in Malaysia, and notable tenants include Don Don Donki, The Hour Glass, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and the Yes 4G flagship store. The basement houses Lot 10 Hutong, a heritage gourmet village which offers a gastronomic experience in the heart of Bukit Bintang.

The Starhill

The Starhill is a lifestyle destination with seven levels of retail, each offering a different and unique experience. Located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur’s premier shopping and entertainment district, The Starhill features a high-profile tenant base with some of the most recognised international designer labels as well as luxury watch and jewellery brands, attracting affluent tourists and high-end shoppers. The Starhill is also directly connected to two luxury hotels, the JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur and the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur.