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Community Engagement

YTL Construction takes a community-based approach in connecting with the local communities of Johor through public engagements and various CSR initiatives, such as festive season charity visits and flood relief aid programmes. These programmes place an emphasis on utilising the strengths of the community, raising community awareness on project-related issues, and promoting a sense of belonging for those experiencing life difficulties and that are in need.

We work closely with state assemblymen, local authorities, community heads and state government agencies, alongside local charity homes to strengthen our community access throughout the state of Johor.

Building RightStakeholder Engagement > Community Engagement


● Engaged with more than 5,000 people through 9 different public engagements throughout Johor
● Provided flood relief aid to more than 300 families in Labis and Kluang
● Visited 2,500 people through charity events since 2018
● Connected with more than 10 charity centres throughout Johor and Kuala Lumpur
● Connected with more than 100 at-risk women and guardians (including 30 babies) through the Santun Ramadan YTL campaign
● To date, our GJBEDTP 24-Hour Hotline has supported more than 100 calls with a first call resolution rate of 96%
● Our Instagram account reaches more than 400 accounts weekly with an engagement rate of 9%

Building RightStakeholder Engagement > Community Engagement

Public Engagements

Over the course of our involvement in the GJBEDTP, we worked with numerous local governments and agencies to organise nine public engagements in the state of Johor. The main objectives of these engagements were to ensure local communities were made aware of the project and also to make sure that they understood the progress of the GJBEDTP.

The engagements also aim to provide a platform for local authorities and contractors to understand the needs of everyone affected by the project, as well as allow the communities to voice their concerns and feedback related to the construction work. These engagements were also attended by respective state assemblymen.

Building RightStakeholder Engagement > Community Engagement

Flood Relief Aid

Flood relief aid programmes were organised towards the end of 2019 and early 2020 for affected communities around the Kluang and Labis areas. YTL Construction provided this aid in the form of groceries and first-aid packs with the support of state assemblymen who helped to distribute these contributions to the affected families within their respective areas.

Building RightStakeholder Engagement > Community Engagement

Festive Season Charity Visits

We have organised annual Christmas charity visits since 2018 at selected charity centres including disabled and old folk’s homes, and orphanages around the state of Johor. The objective of these visits is to celebrate Christmas with those in need and to make them feel happy and create a sense of belonging, while at the same time taking the opportunity to tell them about the ongoing GJBEDTP. Following tradition, we usually raise funds amongst employees and bring food as gifts for the residents alongside our joyful in-house Santa Clause.

In 2019, we decided to take it a step further by organising Chinese New Year (CNY) charity visits to charity homes around Johor. These charity visits were organised to celebrate orphanages, elderlies and children with special needs (i.e. those with mental disabilities and autism) in conjunction with the CNY celebration. The residents at the charity homes were indulged with mandarin oranges, ang paos and some essential groceries.

Building RightStakeholder Engagement > Community Engagement

Santun Ramadan YTL

In 2021, YTL Construction organised a Santun Ramadan YTL campaign in three women’s shelters across the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur vicinities. The campaign was aimed at providing support for these girls, communicating the beautiful meaning of life and to always look forward to what life has to offer without looking back.

We engaged with more than 100 women and guardians (including 30 babies) in these three centres. We also took the opportunity to distribute Hari Raya gifts for the upcoming Aidilfitri celebration.

Building RightStakeholder Engagement > Community Engagement

Social Media Engagement

YTL Construction introduced an Instagram account in January 2020 to allow both the public and our employees to remain connected with us. Through this account, we share information about what we do as well as updates related to the projects and other fun-filled content like contests and #ComeChatXTRA which features interviews with local communities.

Building RightStakeholder Engagement > Community Engagement

GJBEDTP 24-Hour Hotline Centre

Similar to any other construction project, we realised the need to set up a hotline centre for the GJBEDTP to allow the public to address issues arising at site and to ensure speedy responses were made available. Our hotline is reachable 24/7 with our employees on standby at site as well as in our corporate office.