Being part of the YTL Group, YTL Construction embraces the idea of lifelong learning and we believe that equality in education must be made accessible to all. In upholding these beliefs, we have proven a good track record in promoting education to many primary and secondary school students, especially in the state of Johor.

Through various activities, we connect with local partners and state government agencies to bring the best learning opportunities to both primary and secondary school students. Our primary aim is to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment for the students alongside promoting rail as a career of choice amongst these younger generations. In doing so, we provide a whole new learning experience for the students by encouraging them to think creatively and critically using the learn through play approach.


● Reached approximately 3,600 students in 3 years
● Connected with approximately 5,000 people in Johor through the Mobile Learning Unit within 3 months
● Visited 25 primary and secondary schools combined since 2018
● Rock the Railway Essay Competition reached 50 primary and secondary schools combined throughout Johor

School Safety Briefings

These safety briefings were carried out in 15 schools across Johor starting in 2018 with robust support from the Johor State Education Department. Schools were selected because of their proximity to the Gemas-JB Electrified Double Track Project (GJBEDTP) with the primary objective of educating school students on the do’s and don’ts along the construction sites.

At these briefings, students were also given the opportunity to participate in knowledge-sharing sessions which were conducted in partnership with Women in Rail (WIR) Malaysia aiming to excite our younger generations to be involved in rail-related industries.

Career Talks

Recognising the importance of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in the years to come, we also organised career talks for both primary and secondary school students with the aim of encouraging them to consider a career in STEM, and at the same time to share first-hand experience of what it is like working in the rail space.

Over the span of two years, we have organised a career talk for the International Day of Women & Girls in Science in partnership with Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, and a reading programme organised by the Johor State Education Department called FINCO Reads.

SIPP-YTL Mobile Learning Unit (MLU)

Our Mobile Learning Unit is a unique two-storey bus that travels across Johor six days a week. It’s the first of its kind and has provided a whole new experience for the people of Johor in learning more about GJBEDTP. The MLU has also provided exciting learning opportunities to many through its available facilities such as free Wi-Fi, Chromebooks equipped with fun-filled quizzes, mini libraries and board games.

Our MLU is designed for public use and can be found in many crowd-pulling areas including state-level events across Johor.

Merdeka Special: Rock the Railway Essay Competition

Rock the Railway Essay Competition was organised together with LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort in conjunction with the Merdeka celebration in 2019. This competition saw the participation of a selected 100 schools; a mixture of both primary and secondary schools within the state of Johor.

Through this competition, students were encouraged to think critically and creatively while strengthening their interpersonal skills such as communication and self-confidence. The competition was also designed to promote and provide information related to the GJBEDTP while inculcating the spirit of nationalism among our young generations.